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About Posi

Posi is a free social tool that allows you to create and share meaningful content to other users. We want to channel the good in people by being their source for positive energy. We don’t want to waste your time with any hateful material – there’s no place for that; here or anywhere. Rather, our aim is to show users how truly uplifting the human race can be through stories of people performing random acts of kindness, overcoming adversity, inspiring one another, and showing what they truly care about – anything and everything that gets someone to react with a smile. We’re all capable of contributing a little bit of happiness to the world. Posi is what we’re doing to help.


You Are Amazing

Now people will always have a place on their phone where they can be constantly reinforced by positive content and consistently reminded that the world is filled with amazing people. In doing so, Posi not only welcomes you to be inspired, it encourages you to inspire others as well. We want to show the world how positive and how amazing of a person you are, so we’ve created a positivity ring around your profile avatar that changes color the more you love and spread content as well as how inspiring you are.

Wander the Good in the World.

We’ve gone ahead and made nine genuine categories so it is much easier for you to find the type of content you’re looking for. Don’t worry, if what you’re looking for is not one of the categories, you can search anything on the search bar. Our search database scans every word within someone’s caption, so hash tags aren’t necessary. Every post on Posi should be meaningful, it is a network that allows your heart to post freely without fear of your content being put down.


Love & Spread

Showing love for someone else is as easy as tapping your thumb on our heart. Since we’ve eliminated comments and all negativity associated with them, we’ve created a “Spread” button. Where spreading positive content to those you inspire can all be done with your thumb just as easily. Posi is a social movement, where people come together to share happiness, spread positivity, motivate, challenge, and inspire each other to do more with each and every day

We can change the current paradigm of social media, we can change the way we are connected on social media, and we can change individual outlooks on the world to be more positive.

In doing so, we can change the world together.


Join us in changing the world.

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