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The home page’s pictures come in different sizes and don’t have any borders to increase the visual appeal. You will notice that every post has a meaning, and the pictures on the home screen are blurry. We’ve done this so the meaning of the photo is the foreground, while the picture is the background, creating more intrigue about the meaning behind the picture. Once you tap on the picture, the full meaning can be read and the picture comes in to focus. We hope to eliminate bias when deciding whether or not you should like a picture based on who posted it. An amazing picture with a great meaning should be loved regardless of who posted it.


Once you view a photo with full meaning, you have two options: love & spread. To love a post, either tap the heart or double tap the picture. If you want to see who loved your post, simply hold the heart for 2 seconds and the people who loved your post will appear. However, you can only see who loved your post, not who loved others. This eliminates any drama associated with seeing who likes other people’s content.

We’ve eliminated comments so users can post what they truly care about without fear of their content being put down or judged. We are all about freedom of speech, however, we believe that expressing yourself on someone else’s content isn’t necessary. Since we’ve eliminated comments, and all negativity associated with them, we created a spread button so you could notify the people you inspire to come check out a great post. Simply tap the arrow, and the users you inspire will appear. Then you can select which users to spread content to.


We created categories to organize content and so you could find what you’re looking for more easily. However, you do not have to categorize your post, our search bar scans every word of the meaning behind posts so you can always find what you’re looking for. Our search bar is where you can search users as well.

The profile is your canvas; it is where you share your heart with the world. Write your caption, upload a picture of yourself within the positivity ring, and choose a cover photo. If you need to see who you’re inspiring or who you’re inspired by, simply tap on that area of your profile and the users will pop up. The more people you are inspired by, the more great pieces of content you will expose yourself too. Furthermore, as you find more people to be inspired by, you increase your chance of having amazing pieces of content spread to you. Finally, your positivity ring will change from light to dark within a colour then eventually changing colour the more you post, spread, and love content alongside the more users you inspire. There are 6 colour changes before you become “Posified” and get the white ring: Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, then White.


Posi welcomes you to post what you truly care about, moments in your life that matter, and positive messages for either your friends or for the world. It encourages you to post content that will not only make others happy when they see it, but also makes you happy while articulating a meaning behind it.

The movement has begun, join us.


Join us in changing the world.

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