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There is a peace in looking at something so much bigger than yourself. I have let current situations in my life deter me from fulfilling my full potential and truly being able to respect myself enough to know when it’s time to let go. I am strong enough, I’m am smart enough, and I am lovable. I don’t believe that then New Year is a time to start over although I love the idea of it. If the new year is anything, it’s a time to reflect on everything that was wrong with the you before and looking for ways to correct those mistakes. Be blessed this new year, be positive, and live in love.

if you let the things that happen in your life get to you, you’ll never want to get out of bed, if you let mistakes you’ve made in the past affect your present life, you’ll never want to leave the house, if you let your fear of the future keep you from living in the moment, you’ll never be happy. But if you look at this life like a conquest or a mission of some sort, and you just let your passion drive you, and love motivate you, you’ll see the beauty in every situation, and hurdles that before looked like mountains, will now take the shape of valleys, and you’ll just want to run. you will be Happy, you Will find peace, you Will find adventure and trust me… It does get better. No ones sad forever

I was in the darkest place this year. I was fighting inner demons and no one had a clue, this is when I pressed into Gods plan for my life and even though the process of forgiving myself and letting go was difficult, The Lord saw me through it. Now I’m on my way to self discovery, living my dreams and seeking God, the future looks bright and the only one I have to thank for that is the big man upstairs