Our Mission

Social media is the world’s greatest asset when it comes to staying connected. It has provided us with the ability to share our stories and strengthen our individual connections throughout the world. However, our perception of social media is changing drastically due to the type of content and interactions we are seeing. We look at social media as a place for self-promotion and a popularity contest and we lose sight of it being a virtual storyboard.

The content on social media is saturated. The feel-good, amazing posts and instant moments are becoming fewer and further in between because they don’t fit in amongst current social media platforms. Furthermore, there is an unnecessary amount of negativity, insecurity, drama, and bullying associated with social media.

We are the social media generation; the time we spend on our cell phones is only going to increase. As we immerse ourselves in the virtual world, we allow it to affect our every day life. If the content we surround ourselves in is negative and meaningless, it affects the way our brains perceive the world. We believe the world is ready and in need for more stories of hope, gratitude, and positivity. With no negativity, no nonsense, and nothing but love, we can change the way we are connected on social media to be more real and meaningful.

We created Posi so we could immerse ourselves in a positive sanctuary on our phones – which we are constantly exposed to. To us, Posi acts as a sort of battery charger for the soul to remind us how amazing and uplifting the human race truly can be during the more stressful times in our lives.